Thanksgiving in the west

This Thanksgiving, Anna came to visit and she, Drew, and I had a relaxing day at our apartment. I started making a list and collecting recipes the weekend before and we started cooking Wednesday night. That night we made rolls from scratch that turned out 10 times better than we ever hoped. (They really were amazing. I found the recipe on this blog!) We made our pies early too.

Starting the rolls

Anna was pretty excited about the rolls. It turned out that she had good reason to be

A little more butter

The rolls were so good that we ate several that night and then at least one at every meal until Monday. I think Anna even ate them at breakfast.

The beginning of Paula's amazing stuffing, by far my favorite holiday food

Drew doing something to the turkey. He was the meat master

Anna (the vegetarian) freaking out right after Drew convinced her to touch the turkey

Anna still freaking out about touching the turkey

When Drew wasn't working on the turkey, he offered a lot of moral support from the sofa

Sweet tea: a taste of the south


Thanksgiving on our wedding china

Lemon icebox pie (my fav) and pumpkin chiffon pie (Drew's fav)

Cooking everything for the first time was a lot of fun for Anna and me and I am happy to report that it all turned out great. The pumpkin chiffon pie was not quite Paula’s but beyond that there were no complaints. Now I know that I can cook if we can’t make it back east… but we will certainly be extra thankful to travel back to be with people we love when we can.


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